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  1. Creating a Functional Mud Room

    When designing their home, homeowners often underestimate the importance of the mud room, when it should be one of the first rooms designed. A mud room should be more than just a tiled hallway leading from the garage to the kitchen. Think of all the messes throughout your home that you can avoid if you have a functional mud room for all outside to inside messes can take place and easily be cleaned up. Mud rooms are an important ...
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  2. Five ways to boost your homeís first impression

    Whether youíre planning on selling your home in the very near future or youíre waiting for the last of your children to leave the nest, itís important that you keep your home in good shape so that you wonít have any trouble selling it. While itís a good idea to put some money into upgrading the kitchen and bathrooms, these interior home improvements wonít make any difference if prospective buyers arenít impressed when they pull up in front of the house. Great curb appeal is important to getting ...
  3. Four easy painting tips for DIY homeowners

    Painting the interior of a home is one of the most popular do-it-yourself home improvement projects because itís within the abilities of the average homeowner. That doesnít mean itís completely fool-proof however. To avoid a shoddy paint job, here are four easy painting tips you should follow.

    [LIST=1][*]Buy the right tools. You donít need the most expensive painting tools money can buy. But you also donít want to buy the cheapest tools. Buy tools of decent quality and make sure you ...
  4. Helmet Blue Tooth Head set

    What is the best Helmet blue tooth head set that is not bulky on the side of the helmet?
  5. Alabama

    Is anyone from Alabama viewing?
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