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Thread: Signal assembly

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    Signal assembly

    Morning everyone, seem to have lost my signals in the trip back from Oregon, button just slopping around like all the inards are broken, spring broken etc.
    Sourced a whole new assembly for $114.00 usd but looks like a bear cat of a job to re&re, read some tech on using a bic lighter spring to repair? Some how that doesn't sound permanent? Group thoughts please......and thanks

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    You can spend the 114 and tear & repair or Why not try the simple Bic or zippo spring first -Cost and Time wise it may last long enough to finish the riding season or make last - if not then over winter(or) in your case whenever your most down time is - do the tear & repair if needed

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    Thanks Wes, I may try one then the other if not successful with the spring trick...

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    My 1800 turn signal switch seems to collect a lot of dust and grime being in the desert. More than once I've used CRC to really hosed out the insides and all returned to normal. CRC doesn't collect dust as fast as lubricants albeit I've used WD-40 in a pinch without any issue. Clearing the collection of dirt and grit out might help the springs move again.
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