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    Starter Switch intermittent Contact/Start

    At the risk of starting a topic that has already been covered; As the title states, I believe that my starter switch in my grip has become flakey and doesn't make contact all of the time without flicking it multiple times. I had to leave it out in the weather for some time and the starter switch and mute (for the radio) are intermittent. Those are the only ones, to my knowledge that I'm having issues with. I Haven't tested the CB at all.

    I haven't torn into it yet, and it's easy enough; are those switches, like many others, cleanable/rebuildable??

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    First try spraing contact cleaner on the switch first -easy try -Contact are fouled

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    My 02 kill switch, reverse, starter and mute switches were problematic a few times when I first bought it almost 4 years ago. Like Westdc said, contact cleaner and work a dozen times. Mine cleared right up. As I recall yours was parked for a while, that would allow condensation to build collect dust and grime and become problems. Mine where it was cutting out occasionally for maybe a second or two and I'd get an FI code flashing. It may need more than spraying out but I used CRC contact cleaner and never had it recur. My starter switch hung up a couple times - no headlights and even left the starter running once. I pulled out on the starter switch with my thumb and that told me right then it was time to spray the gunk out of it. Hazard, Mute and Cruise witches do the same sticking occasionally, I just carry a small can of CRC in the tool bag. WD-40 works in a pinch but it collects grime faster and increases the frequency of recurring problems.
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    i had the same problem on my 04 and i made the mistake of using a auto parts store electronic cleaner spray and I got some on the plastic and it discolored it. So I went to a local electronic store and found a product that cleans and lubes without discoloring anything. I tried to upload a photo of the stuff but no joy. It's called NU-TROL CONTROL CLEANER FOR ELECTRONICS. i sprayed the heck out of the switches on my 07 and I ended up separating the switches from the housing to get a good spray and haven't had to do them again for 40,000 miles and i parked outside a lot while traveling. Also be careful not to pull the ting bulbs out of the housing. Have fun. E


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