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    Hiighway foot pegs

    I am getting off a 07 Nomad and on a new 2016 GW. I am trying to figure out what high way foot pegs I want to use. My inseam is 33". Looking for suggestions or ideas.

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    I like the Kuryakyn peg mounts similar to these:

    They have a huge catalogue of mounts, extensions, pegs, and floorboards to install. I prefer the pegs not floorboards but that is just me.

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    I too like the Kuryakyn pegs. I use the Ergo II Highway pegs. I have purchased different length arms to get the desired comfort. Here is a link to them.
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    I bought the KuryII highway pegs for my 2012. They came with the 6 inch arms and positioned them a little forward, but I found that my legs kept rubbing the fairing. I then tried the mini arms. They let the pegs stick out further and I can stretch my legs. Here's the link with a picture: Click on the 7th picture.
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    I have 34 inch inseam and weigh in at 180#. I have the Kury Ergo III pegs and though I like them I had to flip the pegs themselves forward and they still aren't nearly as comfortable as my friends Mick-O Pegs. Ergo III look great and match my Kuryakyn components but they don't drop far enough down and retract enough to not drag, they have to mount horizontal. Mick-o pegs drop down much further and retract also. The lower you drop your pegs the more your buttocks and thighs to contact the seat; they also have more options to allow the Daddy Long Legs among us to find a perfect fit. From scratch I believe Mick-o pegs are a tad more expensive but if you plan long distance rides they are the only choice in my book.
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    +1 for the Kuryakyn Ergo II pegs

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    I find Mic-O-Pegs work well for me.


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