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Thread: Alaska

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    A year ago this month I did Alaska on a v-strom up to prudhoe Bay looking to go back in 2019 on a gl1500 itís my first wing donít know much about them picked the bike up from a friend of a friend it was VERY well maintained and only 65,000 miles what do I need to know about this bike on a long trip? Not doing dalton dempster top of the world hwys mostly pavement miles with some short maintained gravel roads I hear alternator is certain to go out around 70,000 is this true? Any other parts I should change prior to leaving?

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    Woody, I am a rider with two 1500 Goldwings in my life and still riding. My first one I rode for about 180,000 miles and I am just at 100,000 miles on my second one as I like the styling of the 1500 over the 1800. I would not worry until over 100,000 miles but just have the brushes checked if worried. Another suggestion..if you are wanting to change the Alternator....go with a Cumpu-Fire along with a new Compu-Fire Sealed 12 volt battery. The original alternator was woefully underpowered and if you have ANY extra lights or pull a trailer, you will so appreciate the for greater power of the Compu-Fire battery. Also, definitely have a headlight protector. If you are having trouble finding one, I can give you the name of a total coverage one for your Wing. All of us higher mileage riders use 40-42 pounds of air in the front tire and 42-44 PSI in the back one. This depending a bit on your total weight and weight of everything on the bike for this trip. You tires will do much better and while slightly harder on the ride, will be good for the miles you will be doing. What else? If you have any other question about mechanical, about the best mechanic and helpful person has only worked on Goldwings at his shop for decades now and is the best on the West Coast. He is Don Allen and his shop is called Fairfield, CA. You can google his info or you can ask me and I can also provide phone etc about him. Since you have been there before, I know you know WHAT to expect and while the Goldwing might be a bit fun on gravel, I have spent many a mile riding gravel and know it is NOT that bad on the Wing. Also riding the Haul Road To Prudhoe Bay gave you much of what you needed on your last trip as to knowledge I am sure. Ask anything and I will try to further help. I also spent years IN Alaska but only really in Juneau so not much help on roads up north. The bike I do know..... Have a Great trip! "Wingfool"


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