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    Quote Originally Posted by cihilb View Post
    We just came back from Americade. All the companies had demo rides except Harley. The didn't even show up. The local dealer was the only Harley presence.
    Honda, Yamaha and Spyder had waiting lists for demo rides. Even the Slingshot was hard to get an appointment for a ride (they only had a few demos on hand).

    As far as Asian markets, Harley is planning a factory in Thailand!!
    REASON: When they are NOT selling Here - Why build them here and pay Large tariffs? TARIFFS Work both ways - MFG will come back to US just like it fled before NAFTA Was the Shafta

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flintlock View Post
    I can ride down a country road and on a nice weekend day in 50 miles see 50 bikes going the other way. Almost all will be HD, some other stuff and maybe one Wing.

    Is Harley so superior? Are they cheaper? Or does Honda market poorly?

    At a lot of MC gatherings various factories set up demo rides. Not Honda.
    Are you *really* sure you're not seeing some metric cruisers in that mix of 50 bikes??

    Let's be honest - Honda is at least trying to do a minimal amount of marketing with the 2018 models of Goldwing, but in the end what will happen?

    For the next year, two or three (depending on the tariff issues that lie ahead in our brave new world...) Honda should do well. The legacy bike really did need a refresh.
    There will be some - myself included - that would have hoped Honda would have really hit a home run on this bike. There are other riders that have a differing opinion, which I respect.

    The Bar-and-Shield company is all about the marketing. They have been for generations, you're just now noticing??


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