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    Custom In Ear Monitors

    Does anyone use custom in-ear monitors. I don't mean earbuds.

    Mine are showing their age and I was just wondering where I can get a decent set at a reasonable price.



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    Pardon my ignorance but what's the difference between in ear monitors and ear buds? I've got a new (used) F6B and looking for a good way to listen to music with a full face helmet. Someone on another forum mentioned speakers in the helmet and ear plugs!? Kind of an oxymoron if you ask me!

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    Sorry it took me so long to answer. I didn't notice that someone has asked a question about my post

    Ear buds are normally one size fits all where ear monitors are usually custom molded to fit the ear and produce much better sound. You will go to an audiologist and have an impression made of your ears. Then go to a company and they make custom in-ear monitors. They fit better, block road noise better and produce better sound than ear buds.

    If you use speakers in the helmet I also recommend ear plugs. As a matter of fact I recommend ear plugs at all times. The amount of noise, at highway speed, in a full-faced helmet, even on a Goldwing, is louder than a gunshot. It will damage your ears over time. Ya, you have to turn up the volume on your speakers, but it's better than ruining your hearing. I can speak from experience. Another advantage to ear plugs is that it's less fatiguing while riding. Try it!!


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    So it sounds like you're saying it's better if I use the bikes speakers than using in ear monitors or helmet speakers and ear plugs? I do have a lot of tinnitus but I love music more than just about anything on earth. Whenever I'm driving my cage I always have my music blasting, (I have an iPod classic, 160 GB, pretty much full of my music) but if I have a passenger they never want it as loud as I do so I usually have it turned down because they would rather talk than listen to music. Over the past 18 years I've owned 12 motorcycles, and my new (to me) 2013 F6B is the first one with a stereo so this is all new to me. I plan to get a windshield that makes my head be in a pocket of quiet as much as possible so wind noise shouldn't be a factor. I just got my F6B delivered a couple of weeks ago and we've had a TON of snow since I got it so I haven't even had the opportunity to ride the bike yet, and I've only listened to the stereo in my garage. Thanks for the explanation and for your advice.

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    You might look at:

    They have ear plugs to stop most noise and then they have those designed to attach to a sound system. I can say that the ear plugs are comfortable and work well.

    But this is a pricey item(get what you pay for)

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    Holy shit! $1800 for ear buds? Are they high?

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    No reason to spend the kind of money Big Ear asks. You can get a quality product in the $200-$300 range that works well in the motorcycle environment.


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