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    vance & Hines monster pipes for 2nd gen wing

    Does anyone have photos of vance & Hines monster pipes on a 2nd gen goldwing? It seems like vance & Hines go out of their way not to show a rear or side view on a 2nd gen. In comments it is discussed that the pipes are to short for the saddle Baggs.
    I would like to see a photo so I don't order expensive pipes that are to short for the bike! Thanks

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    I don't have a picture. I had the V&H on my 2010. High dollar and was quieter than I thought they would be. Everyone riding with me said they were a quiet but nice sound.
    Bought a 2016 and found a pair of TBRs, Two Brothers Racing, and they are exactly the sound I was looking for. Deep, throaty sound but does not drone you out over a long days ride. Hear all comms just fine too. Much cheaper than the V&H Monster Ovals. Have had them on for over two years now and still look new. I got the black, carbon tipped set.
    On the 2010 with the V&H, if memory serves me right, they barely reached to the end of the saddlebags.
    Hope the info helps.
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