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    Pingel Electric Shifter Modification

    Pingel Electric Shifter Modification

    As I am sure many Pingel users know, over time the little set screws that secure the shifter mount to the shifter lever tend to work themselves free and thus you end up, usually at the worst time, with the shifter not working as "nicely" as you would like. In keeping with her image as the wild and wicked Red Head, my '04' has this happen with a greater degree of frequency than with the '01'. It was to the point where I checked/tightened the set screws each week. This was getting to be a pain given that a couple of the set screws were hard to reach while using the small allen wrench, and I was concerned that with constant tightening, the set screws might fail. While working on my buddies bike I had already experienced the pain of trying to remove a set screw that had worked itself "into" the shifter housing and MAN was that a PIA trying to get it out and the shifter mod off the shifter lever. I did not want that to happen with mine, so I decided I was going to do something about it. I found that the 10-24 was the same thread and size at the set screws used by Pingel and they were longer with a bigger head/allan socket, plus I could get them in stainless.

    I backed each of the set screws out and replaced with the stronger, longer screws and was able to really snug them up, while using blue locktight. Atb this point, so far so good. Things seem to be working well, yet should anything loosen, I will be better able to adjust given the larger size and better access to the allen socket on the screws. Wanted to pass this along to others as an FYI.

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    They now have a "middle" lock tite, strength in between blue and red.
    Harbor Freight has it


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