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    Question BLue tooth - Whats the normal setup / manufacturer purchase ?

    Ok .. lets here it .. how has everyone been blue toothing their bikes.

    I want to answer and make calls. Pair with my Android
    LIsten to the radio or flash drive connected via usb in trunk.
    Rider to passenger intercom

    Thanks for input !
    Best Regards

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    Check into EdSets BlueStreak device.

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    In addition to Edsets you might check with Sierra Electronics as they sell and install several different units.

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    Sena 20S to Garmin 590lm and a 5 pin to mini audio cable into 590lm.

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    I already had wireless headsets for intercom and phone interface but nothing feeding bike audio so my solution was a Dual Bluetooth transmitter dongle plugged into the helmet wired headset cable. There are 5 wires so I check the pin-out and soldered a wire in with a 3.5mm audio jack using left ch, right ch and common audio wires. I ran that audio output tap to the left glove box and plugged my rechargeable blue tooth dongle in. There is an audio out adapter made of a 5 pin din plug molded to a 3.5mm stereo jack that would work as well. I paired the phones to the dongle with the media options disabled, then paired the helmets to the dongle. I get about 7 or 8 hours on a charge. Now ther is a limitation... my wireless headsets are either in audio/phone mode or intercom/phone mode so that may not be the ideal configuration but works for me as I'm usually solo. I soldered my own audio output cable and jack, and found the dual blue tooth transmitter dongle for about $13 on Ebay I believe, so it was cost effective for me at the time.

    Input fed to the bike's auxiliary completes my world and consists of a Mixit 2 combining connections to my phone's audio jack, GPS, Radar detector, and Sat Radio. I also feed my scanner to a GPS input adapter connected to the intercom circuit. Only issue is I use an external mic for the CB I added after the fact.
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    Have you looked at the Freewire from Sena. If you are have been using the wired headset, then the Freewire comes with a special cable, for Goldwing or Harley that goes thru the Freewire and sends a Bluetooth signal to your helmet headset. I can hear all the audio that the bike provides, including CB tx and rx. And you can sync your phone to your helmet headset and listen to your phone music and make and receive phone calls.


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