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Thread: air cleaner

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    Red face air cleaner

    I just bought a 2003 low mileage wing last week so I need a little help. the owners manual is on the weak side when it comes to a few things! I need to know the best way to get at the air cleaner. It's a puzzle to Me and I don't want to break any of the plastic when attempting this. I just joined GL riders today. thanks,RS

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    It is not hard to do. It does get time consuming. There may be a lot of videos posted on this but the best thing you could do is buy Fred Harmon.s maintenance videos. If you are going to do most of the work on your bike these will take you step by step through most of the DIY stuff.
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    PS: where in PA are you located?
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    I like to use an old egg carton to put the screws in as I take them out. Bottom screws in one end and work my way to the top so that ideally the correct screw will be easy to locate and return to the proper screw hole.
    As noted above Fred's CD,s do give you great ideas on how to remove and install the top shelter and then get to the air filter. Take you time and unhook all electrical connections carefully and when replacing make sure you reinstall them completely.

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    And, wait til you get a GENII wing. Altogether different. Three piece shelter and more innards to remove to get to the filter.
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    Once you view the angelride video plan 3-4 hours and have on hand a couple card tables to lay parts on in relation to where they were removed. I use blue painter's tape to hang screws near their hole and a permanent black marker to number them as the shouldered shelter and dash screws have varying lengths and shoulder depth. Don't be so sure of yourself not to take notes and pictures as you go; wire connectors, bolts, nuts, braces anything and everything of course has its place - a most forgettable one at best. When you re-assemble you can check things out before you put all the shelter bolts back in; things like FM antenna, left and right handlebar buttons (left side controls the radio you just removed with the shelter). Take your time and order a pizza and anything but beer! While you're under the hood take time to adjust your cruise control cable, there is a video on that also as I recall. If you have another GW rider friend they may offer support and or hands on assistance, its only scary the first time.
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    Hello, There are a bunch of videos and step by step to follow guides. Just google it. Also there's an manual available online and i just followed the steps. Once you have done it you will do it in half the time the next time. Just be gentle with the plastic, gentle is the key. It's not that bad, just takes time. Have fun, that's why you bought it.


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