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    How does Honda sell any Wings?

    I can ride down a country road and on a nice weekend day in 50 miles see 50 bikes going the other way. Almost all will be HD, some other stuff and maybe one Wing.

    Is Harley so superior? Are they cheaper? Or does Honda market poorly?

    At a lot of MC gatherings various factories set up demo rides. Not Honda.

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    Harley offers a way of life concept with their bikes. And they are not bad products, just not as good as some others. The Japanese manufacturers, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Suzuki have all discovered the developing markets in Asia and they are actively pursuing sales there. They are building smaller, les complicated bikes and selling them in huge numbers. They feel that the real market is there as European and American sales have really plummeted. This involves more than just the luxury touring market. In fact the Adventure Touring bikes are some of the best sellers today!

    No one really knows if Honda is getting ready to abandon the Wing, but it is worth noting that Yamaha has abandoned the Royal Star Venture, and Victory is going out of business. Poor sales are the cause.

    There used to be a lot of demo rides at various rallies, but as sales have decreased the manufacturers have not found that as a good way to sell the bikes so they abandoned it. Honda usually has demo units at Wing Ding and probably Americade. But if the manufacturer is not getting a return on the investment of demo rides then it makes no sense to the bean counters to have them.

    No, I don't think the Harley is "so" superior to the Wing. No question it does have a better infotainment system, but that is not important to all buyers. And for a couple years BMW had Harley beat, but Harley has stepped it up with the new models and they have made many improvements to include water cooling.

    And lets be honest, style is what a large bulk of buyers go for. And each of us has his/her own idea of what style is best.

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    Honda Sells a Lot of other stuff -They will just fine

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    I used to work on motorcycle in my younger days. Harleys >20 years ago were an abomination cross between a John Deere and a Bicycle. Their engineering sucked and the hardware that held them together was the standard carbon steel crap you get at any hardware store. They have gotten better, but they remain expensive to purchase and maintain. Replacement parts are extremely expensive and some people follow the "Made in America" mantra, which is not always the case with those machines. Where they are assembled in the US, they aren't always made with parts made in the US. Just Sayin

    I'll stick with my "Made In the USA" Goldwing, even if it was assembled from foreign parts It's a more reliable machine IMHO I just don't care for the Newer ones that are now made in Japan.

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    Always wanted to try a Harley so in 2015 I bought a new Ultra Limited. I liked the ride as long as it was in a straight line. Now I am not for bashing a particular brand as my motto has always been, ride what you like to ride. BUT, there are differences between the Wing and Harley. These are my observations after being a long time Wing owner. I liked the ride on the Harley but pushing a corner like you can with a Wing caused it to get a little wobbly and left me with no confidence. Harley's do feel much better at slow speed maneuvering. The Harmon/Kardin Infotainment system is full of bugs that still have not been worked out. The Harley is a fine bike for what it is, but you pay a premium price to own one. Needless to say, I sold it and went back to the Wing, bought a new 2016 ABS model that I love. Harley Davidson has done a masterful job in the area of marketing their products. Honda, I think, relies on reputation to sell the Wings. I don't know what the future holds for the GoldWing, but I can't help believe that is going to be around for quite some time, afterall.......... the Wing and Harley's version of the "Tourer" are all that is left out there pretty much.
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    I doubt if there is any vehicle that is really 100% Made in the USA! Whether we realize it or not, we are in a global economy and parts are sourced from all over the world. Although a vehicle is assembled in the USA, there is no guarantee the parts were all made here. Even if the parts suppliers are USA companies. I remember a tour through the Harley assembly plant in York, PA several years ago when the tour guide pointed out many parts, electrical, wheels, shocks and so forth that were sourced from other countries. And I am sure just like the IPhone, many parts are still sourced from overseas.

    Thankfully there are many other great bikes out there for touring and we are not limited to only the Wing or the Harley. Certainly the new Indian can compete with Harley and then there is the BMW 1600GTL, MotoGuzzi has taken their California model and fixed it up with bags and such for touring. Kawasaki has their Vulcan and even Yamaha has their version of a tourer. Of course any bike can work. Many folks have added bags to a Suzuki Bandit and have used it for a tourer. Likewise with the Suzuki 650 and 1000 twins. True, these bikes do not have all the amenities and may not be as luxurious but they get the job done.

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    Of course I'm stirring the pot when I said so superior. My 99 is sweet. I own a 2013 HD Dyna because at 66 and 5'8" holding up a Wing can be a pain in bad footing. The 300 less pounds and lower saddle makes a huge diff.

    What you will see if you go to Daytona next month is a lot of factory demos. Honda will have a huge tent with all their models, but no demos. But Yamaha, Victory (opps), Spyder, Harley etc. will have. It's hard to commit to that expensive Wing unless you can fall in love with it.


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