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    Sat/Nav System upgrade - 2008 GL1800

    Hi everyone, I was recently moved to Europe and would love to be able to update the Nav system for here. Any ideas, solutions, etc. I was told I needed to do the upgrade from the original version, but when I contact Garmin they say I need to contact my local dealer. They have looked at me as if I am crazy.....they say buy a hand held.

    I contacted a dealer in the UK and they said they haven't had one that worked, but didn't have the upgrade to the 2009 US version, and it was almost $500 US. Not sure if it is worth it, or if I should just look for a hand-held. Any thoughts or suggestions? Upgrade should be here in about a week. Want to start exploring Western Europe, but don't need to get lost in the process.

    Thanks for any insight you can provide.

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    I would suggest it would be money better spent buying a standalone GPS for location and using that instead of trying to upgrade the limited one on the wing.

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    You might want to check first with some local--in Europe-GWRRA members and see if they have a simpler solution to update your existing GPS.


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