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    Sat/Nav System upgrade - 2008 GL1800

    Hi everyone, I was recently moved to Europe and would love to be able to update the Nav system for here. Any ideas, solutions, etc. I was told I needed to do the upgrade from the original version, but when I contact Garmin they say I need to contact my local dealer. They have looked at me as if I am crazy.....they say buy a hand held.

    I contacted a dealer in the UK and they said they haven't had one that worked, but didn't have the upgrade to the 2009 US version, and it was almost $500 US. Not sure if it is worth it, or if I should just look for a hand-held. Any thoughts or suggestions? Upgrade should be here in about a week. Want to start exploring Western Europe, but don't need to get lost in the process.

    Thanks for any insight you can provide.

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    I would suggest it would be money better spent buying a standalone GPS for location and using that instead of trying to upgrade the limited one on the wing.

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    You might want to check first with some local--in Europe-GWRRA members and see if they have a simpler solution to update your existing GPS.

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    Hello from North Texas. I have a Danish friend that lives in Denmark and had an 08 American model. I don't know how he did it but he managed to change his Navigation to the European Navi. He told me that he did it him self. You can search most of the forums on the Goldwing Navi and see if you can find him and write to him about this. His name is Poul Erik and lives in northern part of Denmark.
    07 GL1800 Navi

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    You must first do a hard reset and then install European firmware. It has the base maps. You then install the garmin European m aps on top of the base. I have all of the US firmware but can not help you with a European version.


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