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    Rick’s Reviews Episode 10: FOBO TPMS

    Watch the video here:

    Buy FOBO TPMS Here

    A good TPMS that works for you can be hard to find. If your Wing has one built in, it may or may not be all you want or need. The dash indicator lights up when your tire pressure is too low, you pull over to the side of the road to check it out and address the issue. It’s a great safety feature, but some riders might be looking for something that does more…

    Rick was out riding one weekend and happened to bump into a longtime customer. While they were talking, the customer asked Rick if he had ever heard of a TPMS called FOBO, which he hadn’t. The guy had a lot of great things to say about the product so, when Rick got back from his ride, he did some research and ordered one so he could evaluate it for himself.

    That was months ago and now Rick is excited to share his thoughts and insights on the FOBO Bluetooth TPMS and how it has helped enhance his overall riding experience. But we don’t want to give too much away so tune in to our latest installment of Rick’s Reviews where he will talk about the added convenience and control when using this system.

    Ride safe!


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