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    recent discovery

    I was cleaning my bike last weekend and got down to clean the road grime off the wheels (rims). I used to use wd40 for the road tar which did work with a bit of elbow grease, but the dirt etc from the rain wouldnt budge. I looked around my garage for an alternate solution and grabbed my can of coil cleaner which is made for ac condensors and evaporators. To my surprise it worked like a charm !!

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    I've done this before, with no ill affects.....
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    You have to be careful with the condenser cleaner. Most of then are acid based and will actually etch the aluminum.
    As far as WD40, if it gets on the tire tread you have an accident waiting to happen. Water from the road will wash film from the WD onto the tire.
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    I use AWESOME cleaner from the dollar store.
    Spray it on dry surface... wait a few, then wipe off with sponge.
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