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    CB showing RX all the time

    Good evening everyone, I hope you are having a great day. As for me, I have a little issue with the CB on my 2015 Goldwing. The other day the battery completely died and I put it on a battery charger. After the battery charged the bike started right up no problems. However, the CB is now showing Rx all the time like someone is talking. When I press the PTT on the cb it will go into Tx mode. As soon as I let go of the PTT button. The Rx displays again. I can not hear radio as long as the Rx is displayed. I can turn off the CB and hear the radio just fine. Any suggestions? Thanks

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    Sounds like you need to re-adjust your squelch

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    Disconnect you battery and it should reset. I have found that is a sign of your battery connections being loose or the beginning
    Of your battery going bad.

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    As betthe suggests; turn up your squelch setting.

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    Like Betthe suggests, while the TX is on, turn up the CB volume. If you get a static or talking, then adjust the squelch to a level where the noise goes away.
    If that doesn't stop the problem, use Wing11's suggestion. Also, the fact that the battery charged and you were able start it doesn't mean the battery is good. Get the battery load tested. Most auto parts stores will do it.
    What caused the battery to fail?
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