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    Sep 2017

    New Member - Hello

    Just wanted to say hello. I'm new to all of this - the board, the GL, even riding. I'm a big guy and I've been bitten by the bug. No GW here -yet- but the search has begun. The GL1500 I've loved since the first time I saw one as a kid. My friends all wanted sport bikes-not me.

    I'm a bit of an engine-head, but not a real rider-yet. All I know is I want to do it. All I know about the GW is I want one. Doesn't make sense when I try to explain - though I suspect some of you know what I mean.

    Gotta get this starter bike thing out of the way. Maybe shouldn't look at it that way - but I know what I ultimately want. It's like the first time I sat in a jet after flying prop singles. "I don't know what all this stuff does - but daaang".

    On that note - any help the group can offer on what you rode before your GWs and what you'd have done different would be appreciated. See you out there.

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    Hello and welcome to the Forum and GW community from sunny southern California! Best of luck with your Wing search

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    The wing is a Great Starter Bike- It will fall over as easy as any Smaller other bike - Take a MSF Course -They can supply the bike to get you permit -then jump on a wing

    Lots of good used wings on the market - 1500 & 1800 look around -Welcome
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    Welcome! Had my 94 bout 1 1/2 years. Great ride


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