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    Let help a Goldwinger in need this Christmas

    Geoff Gardisky used to be with Centramatic. He is a good friend of 8 years to me....
    Back in June he was unable to work because of a massive infection in his right foot.
    In August he made a very brave choice to have his lower right leg amputated. How many of us could do that? !!! He lost everything he owned and was living out of his car for a while......I am asking and challenging this Christmas season for us all to show some good Christian spirit towards him !!!!! He has gotten a room at a motel and now is out of the cold.... He is trying very hard to acquire SSI....It is a slow process..
    He has a go fund me page. I have made 2 donations !!!! Who will help him to his goal? He has been a giving and kind hearted man... Lets pull him back up on his feet !!!!!! He is slowly learning to walk again, and hopes to one day ride again too....

    Let's try to bring him thru this Christmas season with the true spirit of giving !!! Let's help him get a fresh start !!!!!
    Come on Wingers we can do this for a fellow rider !!!! I know he would for us !!!!

    John Roberts / WV

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    26 fellow Wingers have looked at this post with no repies ? ? ? Come on if those of you that looked donated $5.00 each it would help the man... I know there is more Christmas spirit and christian kindness out there than this....I have donated two tines and gave $100 each time !!! I don't expect everyone to do that.... Come on and help this man out especially this time of year, it is the seasone of giving !!! If you skipped one fast food meal $10.00 would be a nice donation to him......I challenge everyone who see's this to think how they would handle what he is going thru? A little could go a long way for him.............

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    Merry Christmas to all those have shown Geoff giving and kindness...We hope your family's are blessed in many ways in the coming new year.....We have been very passionate about helping Geoff because he is a good and giving man... We want to see him thru this challenging and difficult time in his life....
    Bless all of you.......... John & Beth

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    Just wondering if we can push his goal the rest of the way on Christmas Eve....I ask for one last push fellow Wingers......Merry Christmas to you all and god bless you and your families .............John & Beth

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    Just thought I would let everyone know Geoff has a final appointment with SSI for a physical. He should be a month or so after that getting benefits hopefully .
    If anyone can help him please do so. He will be in need until this goes through. I know right now he is just barely keeping a roof over his head. I know it shows a lot of donations, but those have gone to medication , food and bills too. Please do anything you folks can do. He has been the type that has done things for others a lot as well. Lets see if we can reverse his misfortune a bit fellow wingers. John & Beth


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