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Thread: radio

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    2012 goldwing
    i purchased this used my radio was working when i looked it over
    shortly after getting it home realized i couldn't change the channel or volume went into the compartment i looks like the radio had been opened up prior i disconnected it removed it and opened it up there is obvious water damage inside
    nobody seems to repair the newer radios
    does anyone have a wrecked carcass or know of one the f6b radio also works any year 2012-2017

    well sierra-mc does not work on 2012-17
    wingconnect does not either
    ebay the radio is none there
    motorcycle junkyard sellers for some reason have none even though they have 2012-17 goldwings and f6bs
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    You might try and contact these folks
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    Hopefully this wasn't a flood damaged bike. There have been report of vehicles being sold that were flooded. It's illegal but who would have known? Lot's of unscrupulous
    people were buying up flooded vehicles, cleaning them up and reselling.
    2012 Pearl White

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    it is possibly a flood bike but not Harvey had for 2 years now

  5. #5 will do it for you I believe. Look at the bottom of the home page and call them. Good people!!!


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