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    2015 Radio Diagram

    Hey Everyone,

    Just bought brand new never sold 2015 Wing. Had been looking for one since the spring and was so glad to find this one. Have upgraded the front speakers and wanted to add an amplifier. I have removed the radio module in the truck but cant figure out which wires are the speaker outputs. Does anyone know how to get a diagram from the wiring?

    Please let me know
    Whitby Ontario

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    Do you know that you already have an amplifier on the bike? There are no speakers wires on the audio unit. The output of the unit connects to the amplifier located under the rear fender. 80 watts per channel already.
    2012 Pearl White

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    Thanks You

    That's interesting. I thought the box in the lower part of the trunk was the complete radio system. So if I understand correctly, there is a separate amplifier? How do I get access to it?
    Whitby Ontario

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    You will have to remove the rear part of the fender (black piece). You will see the box it is in.
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    2012 Pearl White

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    Thanks Again

    That's very helpful. I never would have figured that out on my own. I think Ill buy a service manual.

    Thanks again for your help!
    Whitby Ontario

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    Still wondering why you feel you need more than 80 watts per channel. You do realize that by modifying the audio system will void parts of your warranty.
    2012 Pearl White

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    Better Sound Quality

    I am actually impressed with the sound system as it is from the factory however, I have been around the car audio business from most of my life. I think the sound could be a little better with the addition of a better amplifier. Just by upgrading the front speakers, I noticed a significant improvement in sound quality. Thanks for your tip on the location of the factory amplifier. I will probably buy the factory service manual and make a harness so that the new amplifier is plug and play.
    Whitby Ontario

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    One thing to think about, you also have rear speakers that come into play. Also, you are talking about small speakers out in the open, not enclosed inside a car. There is nothing for the sound to "bounce off of".
    Good luck trying to find connectors to match the ones on the bike.
    I also installed custom car audio systems and used baffles behind the speakers to increase qualtiy. Can't do that on the Wing
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    2012 Pearl White

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    Yes I understand what your are saying. The rear speakers are not much use. It seems to me that they are there just to add a little but of rear fill. The audio system has the SRS surround sound. In terms of overall dynamics there is very little help from the 4" rears. I know someone that has sacrificed the trunk and built a subwoofer. I value the trunk more. My goal isn't to try build a pounding sound system rather just make it a little more puchy. Have you done anything with yours that I might try?

    Please let me know
    Whitby Ontario

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    I have done absolutely nothing to mine. A lot of people ask me if I added an amp and i told them it was completely stock. They were impressed.
    I did change the speakers on my 2004 with J&M's front and rear. It helped, but did not add an amp. It was definitely not the sound my 2012 has.
    If you are going to add a 4 channel amp, you will have to change the rear speakers to handle the extra power though.
    As I said before, playing with the audio system will affect your warranty on that system.
    2012 Pearl White


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